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Updates & Resources


Top 3 Tips for Success

1. Be kind.

2. Be respectful.

3. Be responsible.
Dear Students and Families,
I hope that you are prepared for a fantastic 5th grade school year! Be sure to check back to this page often, as I will be continuing to add many exciting features. This will be our primary class page and I will post updates and resources to support your learning. Remember to read and write daily, practice opportunities for real world math, and engage in problem solving activities that challenge you. I look forward to learning with you and sharing our collective knowledge in a safe environment. I welcome all students, especially, creative thinkers, different opinions, and driven leaders. Be prepared to explain your ideas, make observations, give informed reports, and deliver thorough conclusions. Below, you will find a brief list of 5th and 6th grade recommended reading, links to National Geographic, Go Math, Newsela, and other technology resource challenges. Please use these links to continue your practice throughout this school year.
Mrs. Carolyn Ferrero
5th Grade Teacher, Room 5
Reading Resources
MyNGConnect - - Online Access to ELA Student Anthology, Practice Workbook, Visual Learning Resources and more!
Recommended Reading 5th Grade - American Library Association list of recommended reading.
Newsela Summer Reading Challenge - Access to current event articles, comprehension, and writing activities. - continue to build your subject area skills, while donating rice to The World Food Programme. - learn a new language, be prepared to say hello on your first day of class!
Math Resources
Go Math Login Page - You may continue to access your Go Math Resources over the summer by using your AR username and password to login. - basic math facts practice - practice creative problem solving and design with legos using Google's Build With Chrome.
"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose." - Dr. Seuss
"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go!" - Dr. Seuss

Recent Posts

The bonus word is: qualitative
Get a head start on spelling words, create flashcards for in class review. Please bring flashcards to class in a sealed ziplock bag clearly labeled with your name. Also, you can now practice your spelling words online at (enter the words to access free games and spelling practice tests). Students are expected to demonstrate two examples of spelling practice per week to receive full credit on weekly spelling homework. Your spelling test will be in class on Friday - 100% Club Winners earn one Time Ticket and $10 in Ferrero Funds!

English Language Arts - Unit 2 - Family Update

Dear Family Member,
“What is the power of the sun?” That is the big question we are exploring in this unit. To answer it, we are reading, writing, and talking about solar energy. Be a part of our exploration! With your student, read the New Words:
Weeks 1 and 2 New Words: absorb, assume, event, explanation, heat power, reflect, theory, thermal, transmit
Weeks 3 and 4 New Words: alternate, circuit, conduct, current, decrease, electrical, energy, insulate, obstacle, rely, solar, volt, watt
Then follow these directions:
1. Together, interview family members. Ask if they know any stories, songs, poems, or sayings about the sun. Try to use some of the New Words in your interviews.
2. Together, make notes of your interviews on the lines below. Write words, phrases, and sentences that will help you remember the ideas you collected.
3. Remind your student to bring the completed notes to class.
We will be reading:
“Ten Suns: A Chinese Myth” retold by Eric A. Kimmel
In this myth, too many suns fill the sky and almost destroy the Earth.
“How the Fifth Sun Came to Be: An Aztec Myth” retold by Lulu Delacre
In this myth, Aztec gods choose one god to become the Sun.
“Energy for the Future” by Thomas Taha Rassam Culhane
In this blog, Explorer Thomas Culhane and his students create a solar-powered water heater for their school.
“How to Make a Solar Oven” by Solargirl
This online article explains how to make a solar-powered oven from common materials.
And more!

Math Homework - Online Reference

Don't forget that your math book is available online too. Absent or forgot the book, check out the Practice Book (SE) under Resources to view and print the nightly homework. Also, the Interactive Student Edition allows students to view and participate in the lesson at home. Please checkout the variety of online resources available to support your learning at:
Usernames and passwords are glued in the front of student agendas (it is the same as the AR username and password).
For a direct link to the online workbook for homework, please click here:
Thanks for your time and support!

Enrichment Activity Schedule

Computer Lab: Friday, 10:45-12:00
Library: Wednesday, 11:15-12:00
PE: Tuesday & Thursday, 1:30-2pm
Math Intervention Rotations: Wednesday & Thursday, 9:25-9:45
ART/PE/STEAM Enrichment: Monday & Wednesday, 1:30-1:50
Fun Friday: Friday, 12:40-12:55pm

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Dear Fifth Grade Families,
Throughout the first weeks of school, our fifth graders will be learning about place value, number properties, and numerical expressions. We will also review multiplying by 1- and 2-digit whole numbers.
You can expect to see homework that requires students to write and evaluate numerical expressions. 
Above is a sample of how you child will be taught to evaluate an expression. Our focus will be on Order of Operations (PEMDAS) or the good old "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally". Remind learners that Multiplication and Division and Addition and Subtraction, we solve left to right as we encounter them in the problem (those operations are inverse operations). This is a big concept, that took me a few tries before I mastered. Please review key vocabulary with your student learner and thanks for your time and support!
1. Evaluate - To find the value of a numerical or algebraic expression
2. Numerical expression - A mathematical phrase that has numbers and operation signs but does not have an equal sign
3. Order of operations - The process for evaluating expressions
4. PEMDAS - parentheses, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction

English Language Arts - Unit 1 - Family Update


Dear Fifth Grade Families,

“How can where you are change who you are?” That is the big question we are exploring in this unit. To answer it, we are reading, writing, and talking about immigration. Be a part of our exploration! With your student, read the New Words on the next page. Then follow these directions.


  1. Talk together about where your family is from and where you live now. Do you know any anecdotes, or true stories, about your family's history? Share them. Try to use some of the New Words in your discussion.
  2. Together, choose one anecdote about your family’s history. Write it on the lines below.
  3. Remind your student to bring the completed anecdote to class.

What We’re Reading

“My Diary from Here to There”

by Amada Irma Pérez

In this story, a girl keeps a diary to record her thoughts and feelings about moving from Mexico to the United States.

“I Was Dreaming to Come to America”

by Veronica Lawlor

In these oral histories, European immigrants describe their arrival in the United States.

“A Refugee Remembers”

by John Bul Dau

In this autobiography, Explorer John Bul Dau, a Sudanese refugee, describes his journey.

“American Stories”

adapted from the PBS series In the Mix

In this documentary, young immigrants from around the world talk about their lives.

And more!

©National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage Learning, Inc. 

Video Intro #1 - Jellybeans

In a poignant new video, online performance artist Ze Frank physically illustrates how most people spend the majority of their life using jellybeans.

Audri’s Rube Goldberg Monster Trap - 4:06

Audri wants to be a theoretical physicist when he grows up and has big plans to study robotics at MIT.

Think Central Student/Parent Access for Go Math Digital Products

Learn how to access support videos for our GoMath Curriculum, complete homework online, receive instant feedback, and participate in additional challenge activities. To access our online curriculum edition please visit: (students will need their AR username and password to login). Thank you for your participation!

Think Central Student/Parent access to digital products.