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Welcome to Cottage Hill, home of the Cubs!  
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Welcome to the Cottage Hill library!!!

Classes go to the library for 30 minutes each week. Library visits begin with a story or library skills games led by our librarian. These games reinforce how to care for books and how libraries work.  We also discuss how books are arranged in the library using the Dewey Decimal System. 
In February our school participates in the Higgins Diggins Lions Club's month long literacy program. Students from the first through the fifth grades will be racking up AR points for an entire month to earn entries for a drawing to win a $50 gift card to Best Buy. We are very fortunate to be a part of this wonderful program. This is a good opportunity for students to earn AR points for the semester as well.
All students participate in the “California Young Reader Medal Award” program. Each year, a committee of librarians and teachers select a few children’s books for review. These books are read to the students. The students then choose one title as their favorite. The author of the winning book receives recognition, letting them know that children in California liked their book the best. Children look forward to each spring, when they get to vote for their favorite book.
If you want to know if we have a certain book in our library collection or if you're looking for a particular author, you can find them using Library Researcher. You can even search for books by topic! It will also tell you if the book you've been wanting has been checked out or where it is on the shelf, just waiting for you. It is a helpful tool.
I do my best to make sure that our library carries books that children not only want to read, but I also want to point them in the direction of books that help develop critical thinking. Our library works alongside teachers and staff to encourage students to develop a love for reading. 

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Today Higgins Diggins Lions Club returned to do our drawing for 1st and 2nd grades. We are grateful to the Higgins Diggins Lions Club for encouraging our students to be avid and strong readers!
The winners received a $50 gift card to Best Buy and a $20 gift certificate for our upcoming Paws for Books book fair! 
Congratulations to Madison Rechnitzer and Madison Gawley!!! Enjoy picking out your own Kindle and books!

Higgins Diggins Lions Club WINNERS!!!

This afternoon we had our drawing for 3rd-5th graders. On Monday, 3/19, we will be drawing the winners for 1st and 2nd grades during their lunch.
Everyone worked very hard to earn entries into the contest during the month of February. I am proud of your efforts! We are grateful to the Lions Club for sponsoring this annual event, and providing reading incentives to our students.
This year the prizes were a $50 gift card to Best Buy AND a $20 gift certificate to our spring book book! Our winners today were:
3rd grade - Steven Vieira
4th grade - Mia Pocock
5th grade - Katie Brink
Congratulations to our winners!!! 

We need YOU!

Our Paws for Reading Book Fair is just around the corner! If you're looking for a way to help our school library and community, please feel free to donate your time. Our spring book fair will be April 9th - April 13th. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you for your support!

The Higgins Diggins Literacy drawing will be THIS Friday during lunch! Thank you for participating all month long in February! Each quiz that was taken and passed at 80% or higher (within your zone) counts as an entry in the drawing. There will be a winner for each grade (1st-5th)! The winners will receive a $50 gift certificate to Best Buy from the Higgins Diggins Lions Club AND a $20 gift certificate to our Paws for Books Book Fair in April! We are grateful to the Higgins Diggins Lions Club for sponsoring this fun event each year! 

Higgins Diggins Literacy Contest

Students, you STILL have time to earn more entries in the Higgins Diggins Literacy contest!!! Every quiz you pass WITHIN your AR zone with 80% or better counts as an entry into the contest. If you pass quizzes that are BELOW your zone, they do NOT count as an entry. Be mindful of your reading choices. You have until February 28th to complete your quizzes!
Remember that Mrs. Butcher will be giving a $20 Scholastic Book Fair gift certificate to each winner, along with the Lions Club donating a $50 Best Buy gift card for each winner. Happy Reading!

Our FINAL nominee for this year's California Young Reader Medal!!!



Published by Penguin Random House, 2014

2017-2018 Nominee - Primary


A #1 New York Times bestseller, this innovative and wildly funny read-aloud by award-winning humorist/actor B.J. Novak will turn any reader into a comedian.
You might think a book with no pictures seems boring and serious. Except . . . here’s how books work. Everything written on the page has to be said by the person reading it aloud. Even if the words say . . .


Even if the words are a preposterous song about eating ants for breakfast, or just a list of astonishingly goofy sounds like BLAGGITY BLAGGITY and GLIBBITY GLOBBITY.




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Our fourth nominee for the California Young Reader Medal!



Published by Penguin Random House, 2015

2017-2018 Nominee - Primary


Something’s out there in the dark!

First Possum hears it. Then Skunk. Then Wolf comes running.

“What could it possibly be?” asks Bat.

“Night Animals!” the animals declare.

“But you are night animals,” Bat informs this not-so-smart crew.

Children will love the oh-so-funny animals in this twist on a cozy bedtime book.


Author & Illustrator


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Our third nominee for the CYRM!




Published by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2013

2017-2018 Nominee - Primary


Where have all the bedtime stories gone?

One dark, dark night in Burrow Down, a rabbit named Eliza Brown found a book and settled down...when a Snatchabook flew into town.

It's bedtime in the woods of Burrow Down, and all the animals are ready for their bedtime story. But books are mysteriously disappearing. Eliza Brown decides to stay awake and catch the book thief. It turns out to be a little creature called the Snatchabook who has no one to read him a bedtime story. All turns out well when the books are returned and the animals take turns reading bedtime stories to the Snatchabook.

Higgins Diggins Lions Club 2018 Reading Challenge

Sponsored by:

Higgins Diggins’ Lions Club



Win a $50 Best Buy Gift Certificate!

(1st through 5th grade)



When: February 1st through February 28th, 2018

How to participate:

Read AR books, then take quizzes in the lab or at the library.


Books MUST be in your reading zone or at grade level.

(PLEASE see Mrs. Butcher, library clerk, if you have a question.)

Quizzes must be passed at 80% or better to enter.

Every quiz taken and passed equals another entry into the drawing.

Librarian reserves the right to AUDIT quizzes not at grade level or zone.

More books read and quizzes taken = more chances to win!

Winners will be randomly drawn on MARCH 16TH.

Our second nominee for the CYRM!



Published by Scholastic, 2015

2017-2018 Nominee - Primary


Kadir Nelson, acclaimed author of Baby Bear and winner of the Caldecott Honor and the Coretta Scott King Author and Illustrator Awards, presents a resonant, gently humorous story about the power of even the smallest acts and the rewards of compassion and generosity.

With spare text and breathtaking oil paintings, If You Plant a Seed demonstrates not only the process of planting and growing for young children but also how a seed of kindness can bear sweet fruit.




Author & Illustrator


This week we've begun to read our 2018 nominees for The California Young Reader Medal!





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Published by Simon and Schuster, 2014

2017-2018 Nominee - Primary


A bulldog and a poodle learn that family is about love, not appearances in this adorable doggy tale from New York Times bestselling author Kelly DiPucchio and illustrator Christian Robinson. 

This is the story of four puppies: Fi-Fi, Foo-Foo, Ooh-La-La, and Gaston. Gaston works the hardest at his lessons on how to be a proper pooch. He sips—never slobbers! He yips—never yaps! And he walks with grace—never races! Gaston fits right in with his poodle sisters. 

But a chance encounter with a bulldog family in the park—Rocky, Ricky, Bruno, and Antoinette—reveals there’s been a mix-up, and so Gaston and Antoinette switch places. The new families look right…but they don’t feel right. Can these puppies follow their noses—and their hearts—to find where they belong?

Lunchtime in the library!

Crafts, magnets, and connector blocks are just a few of the fun things we do in the library!