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Cottage Hill PTC » Cottage Hill PTC's Mistletoe Mall

Cottage Hill PTC's Mistletoe Mall

Mistletoe Mall will be at Cottage Hill Dec 9th - 12th in Room 14
Mistletoe Mall is a student only shopping experience put on by the PTC. Our own volunteers shop sales, assemble and create gifts and set up a fun shopping center on campus for the students!
Every class has an assigned time for shopping. Your student will bring home information and an envelope for money the week before. Please return the envelope on of before their scheduled day.
What is Mistletoe Mall?
Its a little shopping mall set up by PTC, for students to shop at and buy gifts for family and friends.
What kind of payments do you take?
Students can bring in cash or a check, or you can pay in advance using our PTC Paypal. Please note that we can not give change for checks or paypal. We try to help your student spend the full amount and we donate any remainder to help fund scholarships for students that couldn't otherwise shop
How much money should I send?
Every family has their own budget and idea about how much to spend on gifts. So only send what you are comfortable with, but we tell people gifts cost from $1 to $15. We have a lot of nice items this year, and we think $5-$10 per person they are shopping for is a good range! 
Can I shop or bring a sibling to shop at Mistletoe Mall?
During the week we keep Mistletoe Mall closed to the public. It is for Cottage Hill classes to come through together. We do this to keep the campus and the shopping environment controlled and safe for you child to walk around and shop. on Saturday Dec 14th, we will open Mistletoe Mall up to EVERYONE! From 8:30 - 11am in the Cottage Hill MPR. There will be a pancake breakfast and photos with santa too!
When is my students shopping day?
Tuesday Dec 10th:
Ferrero/ Koenn
Wednesday Dec 11th:
Mertens 4year old class
Arete 4th & 5th
Thursday Dec 12th:
Mertens 3year old class
Arete K-3rd