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Jog-a-thon 2022
Classroom math

Hands on Math

Art Docent

Fifth Grade Art

Cubbie Dancie Time in December 2021

Cubbie Dance Time in December 2021

Cubbie Friday Fun 2021
Cubbie Hugs 2021
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Creating crystals as part of STEM

Classroom Bulletin Board 2020
May 2022
"Make your mark" tree
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First Grade Reading Fair

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Distance Learning 2020: caring for animals build compassion and responsibility

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Cubby leads the pack at Jogathon

Cottage Hill Art 2021
Rainbow kids

Cottage Hill knows that Character Counts!  The Six Pillars of Character

Cottage Hill Filled with Love 2022
Jog-a-thon 2022
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Distance Learning 2020  Taking a break from home schooling to care for animals

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Covid 19 brings out the community servant in each of us; sewing masks for the neighbors

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year art in Mrs. McCutcheon's class

S'more Fun! Solar Energy at work!!! 2021

S'more Fun! Solar Energy at work!!! 2021

Jog-a-thon 2022

News & Announcements

Bus 30 Disruption in Lake of the Pines

Starting on Thursday, September 13, bus stops that are in the areas of road construction in LOP will not be reachable. The routes will be altered and times may be affected. Students in those areas will need to utilize alternate stops in LOP. Please see the bus route list attached to the bus icon at the top of the page.

Bus Route Updates

9-5-23 Update: All stops that have been unused since the start of the school year have been inactivated. Please contact the District Office if you need Durham to reactivate a stop.

8-25-23: Over the next few weeks, please check the bus route sheets often for updated stop times and inactivated stops. Durham will be making adjustments to accurately reflect travel time and to skip stops that are not currently being utilized in an effort to maximize the routes. The route sheets are located at the top of this page in the Bus icon.

Principal's Message

Welcome to Cottage Hill School where all students are receiving an excellent, well-rounded education in a safe and encouraging setting. Our district and staff are committed to providing the students with the tools they need to be successful life-long learners. We look forward to your active participation at Cottage Hill to maximize your child’s learning experience.

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Book Fair
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Fall Break - No School
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Picture Make-Up Day
Date: 10/24/2023