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Welcome to Cottage Hill, home of the Cubs!  
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Cottage Hill held a fire drill this morning in order to practice emergency routines in case we have to evacuate the classrooms due to fire.  The students did a great job, exiting the rooms quickly and quietly and lining up in their designated safe place.  We account for every child, staff member and parent volunteer who is signed up in the visitor's log before we sound the "all clear" bell.  You can talk to your child tonight about why we practice for emergencies, and what they should do at home if there were a fire.
Last week we had a lockdown drill.  The teachers prepared their students in advance, and it went very smoothly.  Typically we have one emergency drill per month, but we are making up for some that were cancelled due to the power outages.  In the future I will notify you when we have drills so that you can talk to your children about it that night.