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Recent Posts

Calling all photographers!!
If you get great photos of our kids participating in Jog-a-thon, we would love to have them for the yearbook!  Please email your photos to Clare Rodriguez at    If you have other photos from field trips, parties, or other school events, you can send those throughout the year.  Thank you!!
Jog-A-Thon is Friday!
The theme for Jog-a-thon is "Sports Fanatic".  Wear your favorite team jersey or team colors.  You can even wear your own team uniform if you have one!  Get plenty of rest, eat a healthy breakfast, and GET READY TO RUN!
The PTC thanks you for all your Jog-a-thon donations so far!  We have collected $6,242.25 to date!  Our goal for this year is $18,000...  Tomorrow is the last day to qualify for prizes (but donations will be accepted until Friday).  Funds raised this year will pay for WonderGround Science Lessons (these are awesome, ask your child!) and the Crocker Art Ark.  Thank you!

Cottage Hill Farmer's Market (Cart)

Jodi Porter, our PTC Farmer, will be in front of Cottage Hill the next 3-4 weeks with the produce stand, taking donations for Farm to School.  You can look for her most Mondays and Thursdays, from 1:45-2:25pm.  Donations can be made to all three schools.

The Jog-A-Thon is one week from today!!!  Our theme is “Sports Fanatic.”  Students are encouraged to wear their favorite team’s jersey, t-shirt or sports attire( no equipment or cleats please, adhere to the school dress code).  Please send your money in to your student’s classroom by Wednesday, Sept. 19th to qualify for prizes (money will be accepted through the day of the event).  This is one of THE most exciting days on campus, please consider signing up with your student’s teacher to help out during the event.  The money raised at this event will pay for all PTC-run programs as well as those AMAZING science experiences your child is SO EXCITED about from Erin Mitchell of WonderGround Science and the Crocker Museum Art Ark experience this spring!
School Site Council Parents Needed!
The School Site Council is a group of administrators, teachers, classified staff, and parents who meet three or four times each year to to review the site's Comprehensive School Safety Plan, State Testing data, the district LCAP (local control accountability plan), and the parent satisfaction survey.  This is not a fundraising committee, it is an advisory council to the district that helps us to set goals and priorities for the school and the district. 
The Site Council is made up of 5 members from the school site and 5 parents or community members.  We meet after school at 2:15.  Our first meeting is Wednesday, September 26th.  We have openings for 4 parents on this committee this year.  If you would like to join us, please call or email Mrs. Montero to volunteer! 
The Shoe Drive Continues!!
This Friday is the FINAL DAY to donate shoes for the Kindness Challenge Shoe Drive!  Please send in your gently used sneakers by Friday afternoon so they can be counted and bagged.  Thank you!
The PTC is looking for a volunteer (or two, or three) to become the Yearbook Chairperson(s) to gather/take pictures and contract a distributor for this year’s yearbook.  This year, just like other years, the yearbook is dependent on parent volunteer(s) to be produced.  Without a Chairperson to organize, there will not be a yearbook made this year.  Jog-A-Thon, a very photogenic event is coming up in a little over one week’s time.  Please consider committing some time to this worthwhile position if you would like to buy a yearbook this spring. 
The next PTC meeting is this Wednesday, Sept. 12th at 12:30 pm in room 17.  If you cannot make the meeting but are interested in this position, please e-mail Edie Kodet:
Hi Cottage Hill Families! 

Do you like arts and crafts? Painting? Acting? Dressing up in costume? Disney? Halloween? Yup, Halloween! I know it's August but being a HUGE fan of the holiday, I believe its never too early to start planning! We are looking for a group of parents (and kids) to help with the Fall Family Fun Night Haunted House!!! Yes! We're bringing the Haunted House back to FFFN! This year's theme.... Disney's Pixar, Coco! Im looking for all you creative minds and hands to help with props, facepainting, costume design, display setups, etc. I would like to get together on an upcoming weekend to start spinning our spooky wheels! Please contact Terri ( if you are interested in helping in any fashion for this epic addition to FFFN. We are going to need lots of hands on this one. Also, any parents who think they might have an older CH or Magnolia kiddo who might be interested in dressing up, acting and being apart of the house walk, please let us know! Cant wait to get started!!!! 
The 2018 Jog-A-Thon fundraiser begins today!  Packets with supporting information and collection envelopes will be in your student’s Thursday folder.  Please begin sending your donated money back to your classroom teacher on Wednesday Sept. 12th.  The last day to hand in money for prize incentives is Wednesday, Sept.19th.  Money will be accepted through the day of the Jog-A-Thon (9/21).  The PTC volunteers, and Cubby, visited every classroom this week to talk with students. The kids LOVE Cubby!   Thank you to all who participated.
Do you want to get in on all the action and help with upcoming PTC events?  Please join us this upcoming Wednesday, Sept 12th at 12:30pm in Room 17.

Ground Cherry Newsletter

Each month our students are introduced to a new fruit or vegetable through the Harvest of the Month program.  This month is Ground Cherries!  Please see the Ground Cherry Newsletter from HOM to learn more about this delicious fruit that is actually not a cherry, but a member of the tomato family!  Thank you to PTC for providing this wonderful experience for our students!
Picture Day is this Thursday, September 6th.  All students will have their picture taken, including preschool, on this day.  Class pictures will be taken at this time as well.  If your child typically wears a hat and you want his/her picture taken with the hat on, that is OK. 
Make ups/retakes will be done on October 17th, but the class pictures will not be redone. 


Thursday night is Back to School Night; click on the title to pull up the schedule for different grade levels.  We hope to see everyone there!
We had an AMAZING assembly today with Brian Williams of Think Kindness!  Brian has challenged us to do 5000 small acts of kindness over the next three weeks as a way to change the world!  Classes will be documenting acts of kindness on paper chains.  We will combine all the class chains together at the end of the challenge to create a visual representation of all our kind deeds! 
We are also collecting SNEAKERS for children in Kenya who are denied an education because they don't have shoes to wear to school.  This is a wonderful service project that not only helps other children, but it raises our own awareness of how lucky we are to have access to an education, regardless of our circumstances. 
You can send in gently used or new sneakers with your child starting tomorrow.  We will be collecting them in the classrooms and Brian will return on September 17th to collect them.  Thank you for participating in our GREAT SHOE CHALLENGE!

You Are Invited!

Hello Parents!

We are SUPER EXCITED to announce that our school is going to be taking on a massive kindness challenge and its launching with an assembly that we’d love to invite you to.

Cottage Hill is hosting one of the nations Top Youth Speakers, Brian Williams, to challenge our kids to a massive 15 Day Kindness challenge. Brian speaks to over 100,000 students each year, he has documented over 1.5 million acts of kindness, and is the co-author of the children’s book ‘Kindness Ninja’. Brian is the founder of Think Kindness, a non-profit that inspires measurable acts of kindness in schools across the country.

Our school challenge will launch with a fun and exciting motivational assembly (you're welcome to come!). During the assembly Brian be telling some amazing stories, dancing, telling jokes but most importantly inspiring students to make a difference through simple random acts of Kindness.

But rather than just talk . . . we are going to call them to action!

THE CHALLENGE = Document 5,000 acts of kindness!

The entire student body will be challenged to document 5,000 acts of kindness. Each student will record all of the kind deeds they perform for one another at home and at school. In addition, students will receive daily Kindness ideas. So don’t be shocked if you see a little more Kindness around the house!

Challenge #2 – Global Impact

During the assembly, students will hear stories, see pictures and watch videos of kids their own age in Kenya. But one big difference is that these children have never worn a pair of shoes in their life! We are going to challenge the entire school to collect gently used sneakers that will be sent to needy children and families around the globe. So go through your closet to see if you have any sneakers you don’t wear anymore. (also ask your friends, family and neighbors!) Important – we are only collecting sneakers. Please don’t bring boots, flip-flops, slippers, etc.

To help us make an even bigger impact, we want to ask you to engage in conversation with your students about the subject of Kindness. Ask them about what they’ve done, acknowledge what they do, and encourage the simple life skill of Kindness.


Date: Wednesday, August 29th

Time: 8:15-9:00 Kindergarten, First, and Second Grades

9:15-10:00 Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades



With Kindness,


Mrs. Montero