Cottage Hill Elementary

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Welcome to Cottage Hill, home of the Cubs!  

Wish List

Dear Families…


Thanksgiving is approaching fast! It will be here in just about a week!


We would like to have a small celebration in our class to honor our friendship and celebrate what we’re thankful for. Over the years, we have done many different things, but one of the most popular has been a “pie party”.   J   We just enjoy a few different types of pie and celebrate some sweetness together.


I was wondering if anyone would like to bake and provide a pie for our class for a pie party? The kids don’t really eat a lot so I think we would only need about 4 pies. A pumpkin pie would certainly be one delightful option….and any other types for the kids to try would be wonderful. If you have a special one you like to make, that would be great!!


Please let me know when you come in the class, or email me at , if you would like to provide a pie for our pie party!


We will have a pie celebration next Tuesday, so to have it baked and brought in by Monday of next week would be wonderful.


Please let me know, as soon as you can, if you are able to provide a pie!




Mrs. Fleenor

Mrs. Rechnitzer