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Special Announcements

Dear Families…


We had a wonderful week celebrating our first letter of the week! It was the letter Ll.

We learned a lot about leaves this week, as well as ladybugs. We sang, painted, cut, pasted, and collected leaves ….and we are beginning to observe the fall colors. We continue to work on classroom rules and routines. Our second step focus this week was “skills for listening” (eyes watching, ears listening, body calm, voice quiet).


Your child is bringing home two books today that we made in class: Orange is a Carrot, and I Like Stars. They were made during our weeks of celebrating colors. Please listen to your child “read” them to you ( or sing). They worked hard on them-and sharing these with you reinforces their learning. You can point out upper case letter, lower case letters, color words, illustrations connecting with words….These are all concepts we build on in TK.


Thank you for all your support with Jog-A-Thon. It was a big success. Thank you to all the hard working families in PTC!


Parent conferences are coming up during the week of October 7-11. I have a sign up sheet in my classroom. A few of you have already signed up! Thank you SO much!

Please stop in and sign up for a time that works for you.


Our library time was changed to Monday. You will not see your child bring home a book today (Friday) because of this. We added a new teacher in second grade at Cottage Hill so this created a change in the overall schedule.   Thank you for being so GREAT at getting library books returned on time. We will go to the library on Monday….and your child will bring their book home then. Books will be due back in class by Friday.

Our computer lab time was changed as well. We now go on Fridays.


Our letter of the week next week will be Ff. We will learn more about our American Flag, begin learning the Pledge of Allegiance, and sing patriotic songs. DON’T tell them the letter of the week! It’s a secret. We give clues and hints and see if they can guess what it is!!


Have a wonderful, cool, weekend.


See you next week!!


Mrs. Fleenor

Mrs. Rechnitzer (Miss Kim)